On "Tone Deafness" & Difficulty Singing in Tune

A lot of people were told when growing up to just mouth the words instead of being allowed to join in the singing, because they were having difficulty matching the pitches and were pegged as being tone-deaf. And many singers while having a lot of experience still struggle to sing in tune.

Tone deafness doesn’t exist on any real measurable scale, and any difficulty with matching pitches or singing in tune, is due to something called uncontrolled restriction in the throat. And this uncontrolled restriction is caused by incorrect technique.

Once the technique is corrected, the pitches will correct themselves. Great news for all of you who long to sing, but don’t dare because you were pegged as being tone deaf, and great news for singers everywhere to know that once the technique is corrected, you’ll sing in tune.

Pollyanna BushComment