Pollyanna is a multi-faceted and artistic pianist with a specialization in teaching the high art of accompaniment. Through decades of live performance, accompanying herself, as well as other singers and dancers, and training numerous pianists of varying levels, Pollyanna developed and perfected strategic approaches to master the relationship between singing and playing the piano simultaneously. Combining careful study of rhythm and timekeeping with a detailed exploration of various grooves, artists will attain the confidence and creative freedom to play piano in a way that supports and elevates their vocal performances.

Pollyanna instructs beginning to advanced level students, formulating personalized and attainable practice plans to reach their distinct musical goals. Her teaching style integrates practical theoretical and musicianship knowledge with a deep sensitivity to the artist's tastes and motivations, leading to higher productivity levels and sensational results. 

Under Pollyanna's piano tutelage, students will cultivate advantageous skills in the following fields of study.

  • Theory & Musicianship
  • Sight Reading & Musical Notation
  • Vocal Accompaniment
  • Improvisation
  • Repertoire

Pollyanna advocates for her piano students to learn and play the music that inspires them. She believes the joy that comes from mastering songs that hold emotional significance to her students is unequivocal. 





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