Pollyanna Bush writes musically sophisticated songs which she sings with an impossibly beautiful voice.
BONNIE HAYES, singer/songwriter, musician, record producer, chair of the songwriting department at Berklee College of Music
I first began to work with Pollyanna a quarter century ago for my first CD. After hearing her sing with her Obiba Trio, I was convinced that she could do some very specialized vocal work. Her doubling of instrumental melodies, improvisation, and made-up language was all impeccable. Years later, she joined my vocal Mirabai Ensemble which included a huge style range for both repertoire and improvisation. Again, she knocked everything out of the park. Recently I hired her to sing and lead a Latin music service I coordinated for a large alternative church in Oakland —standing ovations were the reactions. Finally, I’ve had a chance to witness her CircleSong leading. Very clear and very inspired.
MICHAEL SMOLENS, owner of Second Sight Music, music director of The Mirabai Ensemble, bandleader, arranger, teacher, pianist, vocalist, alto flautist
I have played music with Pollyanna professionally for almost 20 years and her dedication to her craft has always been inspiring!  She is a wonderful person and has obviously committed herself to the path of music composition, performance and education.  There aren’t that many artists who are able to sustain themselves and maintain artistic integrity in this business, Pollyanna is a great example of an inspired and professional musician on many levels!
TOM FINCH, multi-instrumentalist, composer, Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame inductee
Pollyanna is a “singers” singer.  Technically beautiful, emotionally moving and unafraid to sing just about anything. And she sings just about anything amazingly well. I’ve long been inspired by her immense talent and have been honored and lucky to work with her. 
JENNIFER BEREZAN, Canadian singer/songwriter, producer, activist, creator of Song For All Beings
Pollyanna is a consummate professional: highly knowledgeable, deeply passionate and exceptionally generous. She is an accomplished songwriter interweaving rich harmonies with lyrics telling beautiful stories. Without reservation, I recommend her performances, workshops and private lessons! My love, respect, and admiration for Pollyanna continues to grow.
SOLEIL DAKOTA, singer, hit songwriter (Diana Ross, Al Jarreau, Ray Charles), host of web series, "Musical Medicine with Soleil"
I have known Pollyanna Bush for over 30 years — as a friend, fan, producer, and fellow traveler on the path. There are three aspects of her artistry that stand out. First, her voice, expressing unlimited nuances and passion, honed through years of teaching, conducting choirs and going past her edge. Second, the songs Pollyanna has written demonstrate a timeless value, a yearning for the truth, and a deep dive into personal expression. Finally, who she is — her presence — on stage, working the dancefloor, in the creative artistic process, always invites amazement, respect and admiration. She’s an original, just what we need more of these days. Producing her recent live show, “Full Circle: Musings on Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, and Carole King,” allowed for collaboration on a brilliant homage and a transcendent and flawlessly conceived presentation.
LLOYD BARDE, concert producer and Common Ground Magazine Music Editor
Over the course of the nearly 15 years that I’ve known her music, Pollyanna Bush has developed from a fine singer with a unique voice into a riveting performer, who doesn’t just sing songs, she elevates them into a glorious realm of her own design, where her vocals are as emotionally deep as they are technically astounding. Her interpretations of works by such influences as Carole King, Laura Nyro, and Joni Mitchell are true to their sources but profoundly personal, and her original compositions have matured to the point where they stand on their own, even in such lofty company.
DERK RICHARDSON, creator and host of KPFA Radio show, "The Here and Now"
I had the unique pleasure of accompanying Pollyanna Bush on guitar on some Joni Mitchell songs at a couple of concerts earlier this year. Her interpretations were beautiful and her vocal performances simply breathtaking. One of the most memorable parts of the set was Pollyanna’s duet with Raz Kennedy on her original song, “Strange.” It’s a magnificent song with a powerful, love-and-life-affirming message, and Pollyanna and Raz sang the paint off the walls. If you get an opportunity to see Pollyanna Bush perform live, or to work with her as a vocal coach, don’t sleep on it! A major talent, and a lovely human being I’m honored and blessed to know.
ERIC DIN, founder of the Uptones, guitarist, songwriter, guitar teacher
Pollyanna Bush is one of those rare performers who goes well beyond paying tribute to the artists who have influenced her. In her recent performance of the music of Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell and Carole King, she was not just possessed by the music, but connected it to herself and her own compositions. The raw emotionality is all there, and the depth of her piano based writing, combined with her expressive, and beautiful singing, make it possible for us to include her in the exalted company of those who made her who she is.
JIM BENNETT, radio host and producer for KCSM's In The Moment, and Artistic Director for the In The Moment Concert Series at Musically Minded Academy in Oakland.
Pollyanna has that special combination of what I call soul and spirit singing. It’s when an artist is connected to heaven and earth. She touches you down in your soul, and grounds you, and at the same time allows you to feel free like a spirit traveling outside the body. She has a voice I can listen to always...
MARGO HALL, award winning actress, director, playwright, educator at Chabot Community College
My experience of Pollyanna Bush can best be summed up by saying this...Her skills, her voice, her choices, and most importantly, her ego are all totally committed to EACH song being the very best it can be. Even when she’s not the one singing! Pollyanna is, I feel, what all musicians hope a singer they are backing to be. She is clear about what she wants, she is inclusive and bottom line is, she’s damn good at what she does. As a musician, a singer and a leader, Pollyanna loves and lives music. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with her. 
ZOE ELLIS, singer/songwriter, live and session vocalist, member of Zadell, SoVoSo, and Slammin All Body Band
Pollyanna Bush possesses all the elements that make up a fabulous entertainer. She has a powerful voice, she’s beautiful, her songwriting is catchy and deeply moving, she’s a great dancer and her pitch is perfect. But even more important is the fiery spirit that infuses her performance and  lifts you off the ground, breaks your heart and makes you smile all at once. 
NINA WISE, award-winning performing artist, founder of Motion Theater, spiritual coach
I have always loved Pollyanna’s artistry which embraces the feminine intuitive with a vocal freedom of range and emotional delivery that paints beautiful melodies in her unique and original songwriting.  A woman who emerges through the creative realm with her own identity!
DEBORAH WINTERS, critically acclaimed singer/songwriter, vocal instructor
Pollyanna is one of the best vocal coaches I’ve encountered in all my years in the business. I send all my students that need vocal coaching to her and always get glowing reports. Plus she’s also a highly talented singer/songwriter in her own right.
JAI JOSEFS, accomplished songwriter, producer, arranger, composer, musician, educator
Pollyanna Bush is a wonderful singer with an amazing command of her vocal instrument. She’s also an intensely captivating performer and a great songwriter… truly a serious musical force on many levels.
DAN FEISZLI, professional bassist, recording engineer/producer
She’s a singer/songwriter with raw electricity and an irresistible passion!
GARY MALKIN, award winning composer, producer, performer, keynote speaker, music/wellness consultant
Pollyanna Bush is a confessional singer/songwriter with pipes!
NADINE CONDON, BMI consultant, artist development coach and mentor, author, public speaker