Songwriting gives artists the ability to express themselves and experience extraordinary connection with others. A great song tells a universally relatable story, translates authentic feelings, and leaves behind a lasting impression. When a song communicates clearly, it brings listeners into the imagination of the writer, conjuring visceral images and embracing familiar emotions.  

Pollyanna coaches artists in popular styles to create, develop, and refine memorable, accessible songs. Whether the artist's intention is to create music for vast audiences or to purely express and empower themselves, she serves as a knowledgable, artistically inclined facilitator. Her belief is that the songwriting process can be therapeutic and enlightening for the creator and lead to enchanting, meaningful results. 

By cultivating a strong foundation in theory, each student is able to access a greater selection of musical possibilities, define their own unique voice, and bring their personal experiences to life. 

Under Pollyanna's guidance, students will gain a deeper understanding of the following subjects and apply them to their own writing. 

  • Song Structure & Composition
  • Hook & Melody Crafting
  • Lyric Writing & Rhyming
  • Song Interpretation
  • Arranging

Pollyanna's original songwriting has received numerous honors, including "Best Song of the Year" in the West Coast Songwriters regional contest and "Best Pop Song" in the West Coast Songwriters International Songwriting contest.



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