Singing has the power to create wholeness in individuals and strengthen the communities we reside in. Through vocal expression, one can nourish their spirit, reach a higher level of self-actualization, and lead a healthier, more vibrant life. 

From a tender age, Pollyanna explored transformational work through singing with her family, close friends, and members of her local community. Sharing this love for music with others was a beautiful and wholesome way to experience life and left a profound impact on her. These early experiences gave Pollyanna the inspiration to follow the path of using music as a means to problem solve, communicate on a deeper level, and offer healing to the people around her. 

In her work as a musical healer, Pollyanna is influenced by Marshall Rosenberg's methods for non-violent communication and the Diamond Approach Inquiry Practice, which promotes clarity and awareness in the present, allows for curiosity to be explored, and encourages heartfelt compassion towards others. For the past 30 years, she has served as a circle song leader, guiding small and large groups to sing together, playing with harmonies, interlocking melodies, and rhythmic patterns to achieve a sense of renewal. For the past 18 years, Pollyanna has acted as music director and faculty member of The Chaplaincy Institute for Creative and Healing Ministries in Berkeley. For the past 3 years, Pollyanna has been on staff at the Five Sisters Facility in Petaluma, helping women recovering from addiction to gain insight, find peace, and renew their sense of self through music therapy. 

Pollyanna facilitates the following music therapy services . . .

  • Circle Singing
  • Spontaneous Sung Prayer
  • Music Therapy for Recovery
  • Transformational Work Sessions
  • Confidence Building Courses

Pollyanna's mission is to encourage and inspire people to use the sacred act of singing as an expression of love and an emotional release. She finds personal joy in leading others to experience vocal freedom, celebrate their individuality, and enjoy a pure connection to themselves through music. 



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Pollyanna Bush is a teacher of rare skill. She teaches a class for our spiritual direction students on gaining confidence that challenges them in ways that are absolutely transformative! I always know the students are in great hands when Pollyanna is here, and her student’s evaluations are full of raves. The students love her, and what they learn from her is priceless. I’ve never met anyone else who can do what Pollyanna can do. She’s a real treasure, and our program is richer because she is a part of it. I recommend her enthusiastically, and with a whole heart.
REVEREND DR. JOHN R. MABRY. Director, Interfaith Spiritual Direction Certificate Program, Chaplaincy Institute
Pollyanna is not just a great singer and teacher...she also has an ability to reach people psychologically through music.  At Five Sisters Ranch, we were looking for someone to help our residents find their voices...and Pollyanna does just that. How Pollyanna can take a wounded spirit and gift an individual with the ability to utilize their voice is hard to put into words. Inspiring.
LORI JEAN GLASS, Executive Director of Clinical Operations, Five Sisters Ranch
Pollyanna Bush brings the magic to her encounters with individuals and group classes. She encourages us to reach and explore and look for what is authentic and true in our own voices and in collective group singing. Over the 22 years I have known her, first as my own personal vocal coach, and then in her role as a faculty member at the Chaplaincy Institute, an interfaith seminary in Berkeley, CA, the spirit of her caring and innovation shines bright. Her music and teaching has vitality and inspiration.
REVEREND DR. GINA ROSE HALPERN, BCCC, Founder of The Chaplaincy Institute
I’ve known my dear friend Pollyanna for over 20 years, her artistry is truly inspiring and fiercely personal. As a leader in spontaneous improvisational creations with circle singers, she is an insightful and dynamic personality, engaging the group in musically muscular and rhythmic creations that are at one moment bombastic and colorful, and in the next placid, and achingly beautiful. She “holds” her singers, guiding them skillfully, displaying her great and deep musical  instinct, but never straying too far from her ability to coax playfulness and fun as well.
DAVID WORM, professional singer, songwriter, circle song facilitator. Founding and current member of Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra, member of SoVoSo, We Be Three and Glass House.
Pollyanna is a true Ritual-Weaver and Leader.  Intuiting the needs in the circle and inviting what wants to be expressed, Pollyanna creates intimacy and safety, expansion and courage; each ingredient is mindfully shared in the group so people and music can arrive in a new place of awareness, peace and hope.  
REVEREND LAUREN VAN HAM, M.A. Dean, Interfaith Studies, The Chaplaincy Institute
There are many talented and wonderful vocal teachers in the world. They help their students develop skill through technique, theory, performance skills, etc. Sometimes they help voices damaged from improper use, or assist when stuck at a plateau you want to break through. Pollyanna can do all that with great skill, but she brings something else to her lessons as well. Pollyanna’s deep and generous love creates a container that is safe, therapeutic, and, if I may, spiritual.

Pollyanna has spent decades dedicated to her own spiritual practice along with her vocal work. She has done the hard work of personal evolution and healing. She walks her talk and embodies a wisdom that can only come from a courageous willingness to look deeply at oneself. That comes through in her lessons and performances.

Those who are lucky enough to study with Pollyanna will find their vocal ability greatly enhanced, while at the same time seeing their humanity reflected back in a most loving and accepting mirror. The experience is sometimes gentle, sometimes fierce, but always healing and freeing.

Singing with Pollyanna is a transformative experience. Let her weave her magic with you, and you will find your voice, and so much more!
TIAHNA SKYE, Life, Relationship, and Career Coach

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