Correcting Vocal Technique Corrects the Intonation

Continuing the conversation about singing in tune or matching pitches as related to having correct vocal technique.

If you’re having an issue with singing in tune, one of the first places to investigate is to take a look at what’s happening with your support or support energy.

What is support? Support is holding back the breath, controlling the airflow. This is done by keeping the diaphragm down which is done by keeping the lower ribs expanded. There are many ways to work with support, different places in the body to focus on to achieve proper support energy. One real quick trick to try is to simply think of holding your breath when you sing. Now, you can’t completely hold your breath when you sing. But if you try to, chances are, you will be holding the breath back enough, controlling the airflow and therefore, allowing the vocal cords to work properly and allowing the pitch to correct itself.

Pollyanna BushComment