Pollyanna has successfully worked as an academic presenter, spiritual leader, and live performing artist for decades. She is a refined and charismatic public speaker with nurturing, community minded methods. Pollyanna crafts immersive, treasured experiences for her audiences, spreading love, warmth, and wisdom. 

Pollyanna is available to hire for a variety of live presentations, such as . . .

  • Circle Song and Sung Prayer Leading

  • Complete Vocal Technique Masterclasses & Singing Intensives

  • Musical Entertainment for Private Events

  • Self-Help & Transformational Work Seminars

  • Personalized Curriculums for Music Education Programs

As a vocal instructor and spiritual teacher, Pollyanna offers mindful, customized workshops for small to large groups of varying experience levels. She creates engaging lesson plans and interactive courses tailored to the needs of the participants. It is her objective to create a safe, supportive atmosphere for students to flourish in their creativity and experience a limitless approach to personal growth. 

As a musician and entertainer, Pollyanna is a highly skilled, versatile performer, who has graced national and international stages. She presents beautiful, meaningful music, both acoustically and with full ensembles for parties, weddings, corporate events, festivals, local gatherings, and more. 


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